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    Hundreds of Businesses Trust Us

    Now your PRINT SHOP can make MORE… MONEY

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    Hundreds of Businesses Trust Us


    Now your Print is available with

    Augmented Reality

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    Hundreds of Businesses Trust Us

    Yes, we build Automated Database/CRMs

    For All your Desktop and Mobile devices

    Make your business grow Faster
Hundreds of Businesses Trust Us

Yes, we build Automated Database/CRMs

For All your Desktop and Mobile devices

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Make your business grow Faster

We Help You Automate Your Print Shop/T-Shirt Print Shop Easy and Affordable.

What special we can do for Print Shop / T-Shirt Print Shop


Automated Print Shop Work-Flow Applications

  • Estimate / Quote / Invoice Generator
  • CRM – Online Management System
  • Website / Customers Portal
  • Lead Generator
  • Upload / View / Order a Print – Automated System
  • Purchase Orders Management Systems
  • Stock Inventory Management System

Automated Management Applications

  • Job Control System
  • Shipping Management Tools
  • Event Processor
  • Report Generator
  • Data Collection
  • Milestone Schedule
What else that special we can do for yourPrint Shop / T-shirt Print Shop
  • Build a CRM Database to automate your work-flow process
  • Automate your Quote/Invoicing process
  • Automate a Communication between employees and clients
  • Automate a Collaboration between employees
  • Automate your Billing process
  • Integrate with your existing software (Online QuickBooks, etc.)
  • Build a Website/an integrated Customer Portal
  • Build Automated Affiliate Programs to make your Partners generate you money.
We have one of


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How your Print Shops/ T-Shirt Print Shop can benefit from our integrated solutions with the Work-Flow Automation
  • Build a Website/Customer Portal with Special Print Shop Functionality including but not limited;
  • Collection of offered products;
  • Collection of available pre-designed images;
  • A functionality to choose a pre-designed image from the collection and place it at a chosen product;
  • - Change image color;
  • - Add a custom sign;
  • - Upload a personal image from a computer;
  • - Upload a photo right from a cell phone, etc.
  • Order a designer assistance online;
  • Pay for a purchase;
  • Choose a location to pick-up;
  • Order and pay for a delivery;
  • Coupons for special marketing promo;
  • Etc.
  • Existing customers can re-order their previous orders;
  • They can see online order updates status;
  • Get notifications regarding their order status by email or via text messages (requires a third party subscription – about $12/mo.).
  • Customers can have an online chat with all the communication history;
  • Share in Social Media option can be used as an additional powerful marketing option;
  • Integrate with other-print affiliate partners;
  • So, your clients can order their flyers and booklets with the design that you made for them;
  • So, you can provide a better value for your service to your customers and get a percentage of their paper-print orders;
Bring an Augmented Reality (AR) Augmented Reality (AR)Print
  • IndustriaLAX Augmented Reality solution lets you create and discover interactive content from objects and images as newspapers, magazines, books, products, posters, postcards and artworks for your customers.
  • Now your print can become an interactive channel between the real world and the digital world for your clients.
HowPrint Shop Can Benefit From anAugmented Reality (AR)
  • Enhances the Overall Experience with AR When deployed in a print campaign, Augmented Reality has the potential to enrich the experience for your customers and their users.
  • Non-invasive AR and Simple to Use Augmented Reality works to recognize specific one-dimensional images and transforms them into multidimensional experiences.
  • Develop Lasting Relationships With Your Clients
  • Make New Clients With Your Top AR Technologies For your customers and their customers, the experience provided by Augmented Reality helps to create a lasting impression of their brand. A restaurant could incorporate AR to create an interactive menu, a spa could integrate AR into their printed mailers to show off video of their amazing facilities, and publications could feature exclusive editorial content to enhance the reading experience. In each of these examples, a deeper relationship is formed between the consumer and the brand.
  • Provide Metric Analysis With Your Prints with AR Data is critical, from the micro standpoint of determining the success of a campaign to the macro level of making organizational decisions. Augmented Reality helps advance this trend, allowing practitioners to track key data points to determine performance and intelligently make future adjustments.
  • Use Competitors Killing AR Technologies!
  • Make More Lasting Happy Clients…
  • Make More Money
This is just a brief description of what we can do. Please, feel free to let me know your thoughts. We will be happy to assist you.
Finding the perfect solution for your PRINT SHOP can be a daunting task.

Before coming to us many of our clients have tried third-party Print Shop Management tools that were built to service a wide variety of users. While these solutions provide an endless list of features & benefits, those Print Shop Tools often contain much more complexity and confusion than the client needs while also falling short of critical business needs unique to that customer. It also become a pretty expensive to use third party Print Shop Management Tools.


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