Barista coffee robot is an automated robotic coffee shop. The only worker here is a robot barista that brews delicious coffee 24/7. It's today's most advanced coffee bar solution.

A robot barista does all the work around brewing and serving great drinks, just like a real human barista. The robotic service is quick, smart, and lets customers enjoy their coffee experience anytime.



Robotic coffee shop is the most advanced solution for coffee bar today. There is only one worker - a robot barista which brews delicious coffee for customers 24/7.

All the work around serving and brewing great drinks are done by robot barista, alike a real human barista.This robotic service is smart, quick and allows your customers to enjoy coffee experience anytime of the day.


You don't need any extra knowledge or technical skills to to benefit from the robotic future. You'll have full-time remote control and visibility of your robot.


27 square feet and electricity. That's almost all you need to open your own coffee shop. It will fit into all the busiest locations like malls, business centers, airports, and railway stations.


Your robot barista comes with an easy and intuitive clear management system. You can collect daily statistics and identify the most popular drinks in a few clicks. Use the data to build and fine-tune your long-term procurement strategy.



You can be sure, the coffee taste will be great every time. Our robot follows programs developed with the help of world champion baristas. It uses the world's best beans and top coffee equipment to brew systematically excellent coffee. Everywhere and every time.


You can say goodbye to inexperienced staff and poor turnover, the most common challenges in HoReCa industry. You make a single investment into Robot Cafe and get complete reliability with no human errors, vacations or sick leaves. Our robot barista is professional and reliable. Your customers will always get what they ordered.


Robots fascinate people. In a dedicated coffee spot or as an eye-catching add-on for the main business, be sure Robot Cafe will bring you additional clients. The more photos and videos your customers take with your robotic barista, the more viral it will become on social media..


Robotized kiosks, drive-thrus, cafes, and bars with robots serving snacks and making coffee are just a few catering industry innovations. Businesses in the field see these high-tech novelties as a means for minimizing operating costs, eliminating staffing bottlenecks, and realizing productivity gains. In this article, we will look closer at when and how intelligent machines can bring the most benefits in the business of making coffee.

Robot baristas at airports.

Place with lots of crowds of rushing passengers - waiting to depart, running late for their flights, or meeting a friend - airports is the perfect location to see the difference with the robotic barista. Consistent great quality and quick servicing of drinks are the biggest benefits of automatization in the environment.

For the provision of speed and convenience, most robots targeted at sites of public transportation provide customers an option to place their orders remotely - via an app. For setting a robot barista to brew a fresh java, clients only need to select a wanted drink on a portable device or from the screen menu and customize it to their own preferences. This kind of operation is very easy to make from any spot in the airport - e.g. at the entrance or when you are sitting at the arrival gate.

Robotic Cafe makes it possible to solve the major problem of high personnel turnover hampering business development at joe-brewing spots in the airport. Completing a regular shift of making coffee, always smiling and afoot, is exhausting for a human barista, especially at night. They struggle to manage heavy customer traffic, whereas robotic baristas never feel tired and are capable of working 24 hours non-stop.

Robotic cafes in business areas.

The last thing an office worker would want at the beginning of a working day is to be late to work because of the queue for coffee. You have to agree that missing a morning coffee sounds like a self-care crime. An elegant solution is a robot barista serving coffee right down in a lobby, as well as promising a use case for upgrading the coffee house business.

Robotic baristas make javas as good as human baristas - except that machines wear no beard or hair and won’t beam at you with a smile. A robot delivers a brew silently and, what is more important, swiftly.

Fairly cheap coffee from a robot is another pro argument. However, quality is not impacted by a small prize. Not only boasting consistent taste characteristics, but the resulting drink is also customized to individual taste, including strength, temperature, etc.

Robotic Cafe at a shopping mall.

Shopping malls are in a way similar to both business centers and airports. Busy people hunting for sales or discounts, impatient to wait in long lines for their coffee. You need to take into account the cost issue of buying little treats, like a cup of coffee, as it leaves you with less money for spending on other purchases.

Robotic Cafe is a solution for dealing with heavy customer traffic and providing top-quality brews for a fair price. The robotic barista is built around a robotic arm that has been taught to repeat precisely all the moves of a professional barista. In a partnership with qualified professionals, we have provided a coffee blends’ selection for composing a varied drink menu. Cappuccino, latte, americano, flat white, espresso, and doppio - you have quite a choice.

All the brewing processes in Robotic Cafe such as grinding beans, managing the espresso machine, adding flavors and milk, frothing - are fully automated. In a plexiglass kiosk, there is a full set of equipment. Customers just need to tap a button on a screen and watch the robot making coffee within the casing.

If you have dreamed about opening your own joe-making shop, your own Robotic Cafe is a chance for entering the market with a novelty high-tech offering. A robotic barista is sure to cause wow-effect, bringing you a pool of customers for a successful start. Earnings from Robotic Cafe is 5,000 Euro per month, according to preliminary calculations.



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