We automate the work for lawyers. We build AI solutions for attorneys and lawyers. If you are concerned that AI can make your job better - YES, it can. We can help you to automate your job and outbid your competitors with OpenAI/ChatGPT, Google, and Meta.

Our expertise

We have 12 years of experience working with law firms in CA, TX, FL, MI, WA

  • Bank of America (R) Advisory Panel Member
  • Forbes Tech Council
  • IBM Expert Certified (2012)
  • Google Cloud Innovator Member
  • Google AI TensorFlow and DialogFlow early adopters
  • Google AI Bard innovators
  • ChatGPT early adopters
  • Amazon (AWS) SageMaker AI early adopters
  • Facebook Developers status
  • Apple Developers status
  • Shopify partners status
  • WordPress Developers
  • Ionic Developers
  • SMP Ai Robotics Certified
  • Rozum Robotics Partner
  • Teachable API Expert
We work with most of the major platforms, including but not limited to WordPress, PHP, HTML, Laravel, Vue.JS, Ionic, PWA, Python, Shopify, BigCommerce.



Ai automation can be used for attorneys in different scenarios:

  • Legal research: AI-powered legal research tools can help attorneys quickly and easily find relevant case law and statutes. This can save attorneys a significant amount of time and help them to make more informed decisions.
  • Document review: AI-powered document review tools can help attorneys quickly and accurately review large volumes of documents. This can help attorneys to identify key issues and risks early on in the litigation process.
  • Drafting: AI-powered drafting tools can help attorneys to draft legal documents more quickly and accurately. This can free up attorneys to focus on more strategic tasks, such as client counseling and case strategy.
  • Client communication: AI-powered client communication tools can help attorneys to stay in touch with clients and keep them updated on the status of their cases. This can help to build trust and rapport with clients and improve client satisfaction.
  • Marketing and business development:  AI-powered marketing and business development tools can help attorneys to reach new clients and grow their practices.
  • This can help attorneys to generate more revenue and achieve their business goals.
  • Overall, Ai automation can be a valuable tool for attorneys. It can help attorneys to save time, improve efficiency, and improve the quality of their work.

Case Studies


Juris Case - with more than 8 million cases through all jurisdictions since 1925, automated analysis, and AI positive/negative case study suggestions.

Nancy Lawyers - AI automation of in and out client relationships. Lead generation automation 24/7. Lead monitoring and analysis.

New Hope Documents - automated document preparation.

AI Bots for Layers - personal assistants for many types of day-to-day and routine operations.

AI Customer Service - customer service automation. Can take a big part of office assistant job 24/7.

AI Lead Management

AI Document Processing

AI Forms

AI Summarizer

AI SEO development

AI Social Media Management

AI Google and Facebook ads management.

Google AdWords Management with over $1.3 million under management

Sheriff data workflow integration

Cold / Warm mass email outreach with AI automation

Text messages AI automation

Post letters outreach automation

In and out correspondence automation