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What is Text Message Automation?

Simply put, text message automation is the automatic sending and triggering of SMS messages to groups or individuals with minimal or no manual intervention. Because it allows brands to engage at scale with their customers, marketing automation is prevalent.

You have many options to reach your audience with our automated texting services. We offer various options, including simple scheduling and more complicated recurring SMS or event-triggered messaging.

Methods to Send Automated SMS Messages

You can send automated texts in many different ways.

Automated Workflows

Workflows allow subscribers to create personalized experiences by using automated sequences. You can customize your experience by using workflows. For example, you can send a message with a link and follow up depending on whether they clicked. These are great for creating SMS chatbots, collecting data, nurturing leads, and many other uses.

SMS Drip Messages

SMS drip messages are text messages automatically sent at different times after subscribers sign up for your SMS marketing program. Drips can be chained together to send automated messages to varying intervals after people subscribe to your SMS marketing program.

Segment filters are a way to make your drip text messages smarter. Segment filters can be used to ensure that drips only go out to people who meet specific criteria. This could include providing their name, clicking on a link, making a purchase, or providing their email address.

This powerful feature can be set up in a variety of ways. No matter how complex the task, setting up automated drips is easy with our service.


The most straightforward and most widely used SMS automation tool is the autoresponders. An autoresponder refers to an automated text message sent to someone after texting a keyword to a phone number or shortcode. They can be customized and sent right after the keyword has been texted.

Autoresponders are used to confirm subscriptions for SMS marketing programs and mass texting services. An autoresponder responds to a person who joins a text message list. It usually thanks them for signing up and provides additional information or offers. Autoresponders can be used by businesses to give information. They may have hundreds of keywords that provide specific answers to specific people.

Scheduled Text Messages

Scheduling text messages can be one of the easiest and most popular ways to benefit from SMS automation. Scheduling text messages is easy with our business automation services. You can choose to send the message later, and you have the option to set a date or time when your message will be sent. You can also select the time zone where your messages will be sent.

You can use scheduled texts to send reminders for appointments, event reminders, and stock replenishment alerts.

Recurring Text Messages

Recurring SMS messages, also known as "repeating messages" or "repeating texts," are SMS messages that are automatically sent at regular intervals. Recurring messages are similar to scheduled text messages. You can set a time and have the message sent, but you can also choose to have it repeat later.

This tool allows you to set up text messages that will be sent automatically daily, weekly, or monthly. You have virtually unlimited scheduling options so that you can put important SMS messages on autopilot. There are many options. These messages can be combined with our other automation services to target people who meet specific criteria.

Abandoned Cart SMS

You probably know how much revenue is lost due to abandoned orders if you have an online shop. Many people are guilty of filling their shopping carts full of goodies then starting the checkout process but getting distracted and not finishing their orders. The number one way to re-engage lost customers is text messaging. It will bring them back to your site and encourage them to complete their orders.

Using texting surveys is an excellent way for your audience to provide input and interact with you. This feature allows you to create a set of questions that people can answer via text messaging. SMS surveys can be built and automated once they are complete. They are an excellent tool for collecting ongoing feedback.

Surveys can be constructed with three types of question types: numeric, multiple-choice, or open-ended. Each question type expects a specific response, which helps keep answers simple.

All data from texting surveys are automatically populated into an analytics dashboard that breaks down responses and overall respondent behavior.

Automated Birthday Rewards

Automated birthday texts are a great way to connect with customers and your audience. This feature allows you to send text messages to your subscribers on a specific date or number of days before their birthdays.


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