Utilities report 26% higher revenue per employee  when they use energy management systems built with a strong understanding of business and technical requirements – and scale for a 3-5 year growth trend.

With industry expertise in 24 distinct areas – from Big Data and analytics to mobile solutions and cloud – our Service and Support is the key to helping your utility company run like never before.


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We offer cost-effective product development solutions that provide security, support for achieving regulatory compliance, transparent traceability, and visibility over the state of development and quality.

Securing access to source code, work items, issues, and other product development artifacts

Quickly check on project progress, research specific user and product requirements when needed, and automatically be notified of requirements changes you did not initiate

Accurately forecast schedules and enable better decision-making with real-time visibility of project status information.

Enforce adherence to development processes and best practices with secure automated workflows.

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To excel in the new energy era, you need the right expertise to develop your strategy, transform your business, gain competitive advantage through innovation, and optimize asset operations and efficiency. Our utilities industry experts will help you develop your roadmap to take you there.

Utility companies who manage water, energy and gas lines can track their mobile assets with a variety of GPS applications. These include tracking a variety of vehicles, while also monitoring a large variety of sensors including PTO, Fuel, contact magnet and even temperature. The GPS tracking platform can track these devices on a large scale for deployment and security needs.

We have software for every aspect of your utilities business

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  • Lessen your risk exposure with automatic notifications and escalations, automatic audit logging, and electronic signatures that are incorporated into your organization's daily development and quality assurance processes.
  • Gain insight into the impact of changes with real-time data visibility, change notifications, and gap and risk analysis.
  • Test faster and more thoroughly by automating functional regression testing and load testing.
  • Improved Risk Mitigation, Optimized Asset and Resource Utilization
  • Better Customer Service Management
  • A document management database solution that offers a searchable online repository to automate, track, store, create and manage electronic documents, meta data and images of documents simply and effectively.