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Improve reliability by using standard methodologies for lowering risks, maintenance cost, downtime, and energy consumption with asset strategy and performance solutions. Reduce bottlenecks and prevent recurrence of incidents. Hold consistent asset performance reviews, monitor asset performance, and optimize improvement plans across the asset lifecycle. Reduce outages and resolution time by updating asset strategy and performance from preventive to condition-based maintenance.

  • Secure cloud-based project collaboration with outside contractors and suppliers.
  • Automated processes for the creation, modification, publishing and issuing of project documentation.
  • A real-time deliverables management system and audit trail to resolve contractual disputes.
  • Project reporting to proactively address potential roadblocks.
  • Publishing of approved and reliable as-built documentation for handover to operations.

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  • Support compliance and reporting with comprehensive useradministration and workflow controls
  • Reduce risk and cost with analytics and capabilities todetect vulnerabilities in custom code
  • Improve corporate security with real-time enterprise threatdetection functions
  • Deliver business-driven, compliant,corporation-wide IT security

There are many GPS solutions that can be applied to mining. Personal tracking devices with SOS and two way calling buttons can be issued to minors for their safety. Vehicles can be equipped with GPS tracking devices that monitor a variety of conditions including temperature, fuel levels and even moisture. Equipment can even be tracked with battery powered GPS trackers. However, some mining operations take place underground, so a means of communicating information, such as a wireless network, needs to be set up within the mining space. These devices all need to be heavy duty and shock proof. The Position Logic platform can even import data from a device that has not reported for long periods of time thanks to archival features present on both the GPS device and the Position Logic platform.